These 14 Indian People look like Celebrities and make you think twice

These 14 Ordinary People look like Celebrities will amaze you and make you to think twice

These 14 Ordinary People look like Celebrities will amaze you and make you to think thrice that how can someone looks like that. This wold is very big and there are so many different shape and sizes but still  you will find some of them look exactly like some one you know. here is the list of 15 people who look like celebrites.

1. Another Salman Khan spotted but he is shorter than Real Salman Khan.

Well it is very shocking to know that someone just looks alot like our brother Salman Khan who is the king of kings in Bollywood Industry.


2. A guy who exactly looks like Amir khan. But he is not an Amir Khan.

 A guy who looks a lot like Amir Khan spotted at Olive in Bandra (Mumbai). Ears, Nose, eyebrows and face structure all are same like a twin brother. 


3. This old gentleman dresses like Manmohan Singh

An old guy who looks exactly like Manmohan singh spotted somewhere in India. He dresses like Manmohan Singh too. 


4. This Indian Oil employee looks like Saif Ali Khan

I bet that  even Kareena Kapoor will confuse if she sees him in somewhere with well dressed.


5. Father of the nation is alive!

look closely and you will find no difference between them. Strange world with weird people 


6. Shah rukh Khan’s Twin brother?

You have already seen some pictures above but this one i have only one word to say  that is Miracle 


7. What about  Sachin Tendulkar and this freaking guy?

They may be twin brothers or may be friends or may be strangers in real life but in this picture we can clearly see that no one looks perfectly like that guy who just looks a lot like the legend.

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8. Emraan Hashmi met his duplicate

Emraan Hashmi met his duplicate Sachin Thakker on the sets of a reality show.


9. Someone from Pakistan looks like our hero Virat Kohli

I guess virat Kohli found his Twin brother in Pakistan :p


10. This random guy looks like Ranbir Kapoor

That guys does not look like Ranbir, instead Ranbir looks like him :p


11. Even PM Modi has his twin brother

If Bollywood ever make a movie based on our Prime Minister, This another modi will fit in the role.


12. Nana Patekar and this guy

Even his twin wears specs


13. John Met his xerox copy at store

The actor just happened to run into his mirror image at a store.


14. Arjun Kapoor and Hitesh Gwalani

Hyderabad student Hitesh Gwalani resembles Arjun Kapoor


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