14 Types of Sex People Who’ve Been Dating Forever Have

We know all about the different styles and positions of sex. There are also different types of sex experienced by couples who have been in a relationship together for some time. Every now and then you might feel that sex with your SO has become routine. You may try and Google some Kamasutra moves to freshen things up but let’s be honest here, there are only 4 or 5 positions humanly possible for us average people to be able to carry on in.

Following are some of the different types of sex that all couples have without even realizing. These have more to do with a mood and emotions rather than positions and styles.

14. Make-up sex


There comes a point in every relationship where you and your SO will fight. Actually, this might happen on an almost weekly basis. You are human and he’s a human and when people share a living space, bed and life together, disagreements rise up. As you guys move towards settling the argument something about the whole situation would make you want to just drop everything and jump their bones. Our readers tell us that sex after a fight is sometimes the best sex they ever had!

13. Quickie sex


So you live with roommates or have kids, you need to make the most of the five minutes you two get to yourself and get down to business. This kind of sex may have a bad reputation for being hurried and unromantic but you don’t really care as long as you get to reach cloud no. 9 with your partner, three minutes or five, you can do it!

12. We-are-getting-late sex


You guys have to be out of the house in a few minutes to meet up with friends, go to a wedding or have dinner with the family. But your loins are burning and getting late be damned.

11. Thank-you, I-owe-you-one-next-time sex


Let’s be honest, orgasm-ing together doesn’t always happen, every single time. Sometime your partner will get off before you or you before him and that is completely fine. Couples in a relationship will understand this, no hard feelings. It is an unwritten rule in a relationship that your partner owes you big time for the next one!

10. Car sex


This has a very teenage and high school vibe to it but let’s admit it: car sex is hot! The fact that it is in a semi-public place (which gets a lot of people hot) and may not even be legal (again, such a turn-on!) is where its appeal lies. Also, if you have kids, your car may be the only place where you can have some ‘us’ time, alone.

9. It’s-been-a-while sex


Couples don’t go at each other like rabbits each minute of the day, as movies and your favorite series might have you believe. Real life happens, work happens, kids happen along with a lot of other things. You may go weeks without doing anything more than just dropping dead-weight into bed each night. This kind of sex is very common with couples and absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. All adults here, and we get it.

8. Shower sex


Let’s hit pause and imagine what shower sex from movies looks like. Naked bodies having a go at each other hungrily and passionately with a steamy hand print on the glass every now and then. Let’s be honest here, NO ONE has skin thick enough to be able to shower with water that hot. Also, water is not lube, so keep some handy.

7. Shh-someone-may-hear-us sex


If you are doing it in your mom’s closet or having a quickie in the pantry while kids run about outside, quiet sex with whispered moaning is wonderful.

6. Lazy-morning sex


Imagine waking up next to the love of your life, snuggled in a cozy blanket with your bodies next to each other. Sure you may have morning breath but once things start to heat up between the sheets, neither of you is going to really care about that (or keep breath mints handy, just sayin’). If you wake up grumpy, morning sex is a great way of flipping your mood for the better. The endorphins released during sex will keep you happy and preppy for the rest of the day.

5. Mid-afternoon-just-because sex


You are both home on the weekend, the chores are done with and you are lying about lazily just watching some TV. Then you catch his eye and he’s giving you that look. We know you want it too! Being able to have sex whenever and wherever with your SO is one of the best things about being in a couple.

4. Let’s-try-something-new sex


It’s always fun to kick things up a notch when routine sex starts to feel like, well, routine. Visit the nearest sex toy shop or Google some new interesting tips and positions to try out. You might want to try role playing and S&M with your partner because who has not fantasized about that, right?

3. We-are-on-a-vacation-let’s-not-leave-the-hotel sex


Ah the getaway sex. There is something about being in a different place and room which gets desire burning like nothing else. Also, you don’t have to worry about washing the sheets which is a huge plus! Even experts agree that hotel sex is way, way better than sex at home. So, if science agrees, who are we to deny it? Honey, get the bags ready!

2. Let’s-make-a-baby sex


If you are trying to have a baby, sex can feel more like an obligation and less like sex. There are strict time tables to adhere to and menstrual cycles to keep a track of. You may feel that your SO feels pushed about having sex so try to make it fun and unlike obligatory sex.

1. Making-love sex


Light up some scented candles, play some soft music, turn down the lights and put on your best lingerie because tonight some serious love making is going down. Making love is passionate and steamy and all couples should do it more often.

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