15 Countries Where You Won’t Find A Wife Due To Lack Of Women

The ratio of men and women has always fluctuated from the beginning of the universe. Women have always been leading due to their living longevity whereas, men were trailing behind due to deaths in battles and wars. In today’s world, this ratio has been imbalanced among the two sexes, as in many countries you will not find a wife. As much as it makes men marry easily and procure a wife, it’s getting more difficult day by day to find a wife in some countries as they lack women.

The reason is the rise in violence against women and the gender-choice birth control, especially in China and India and many more.

15. Greece


Greece has somewhat become the halfway point between war and a brand new life. Originally a resting place for a number of young men who initially set out for the UK or France, Greece suddenly became a final destination due to its cheap living and beautiful weather. With this resulting in the ratio of men to women increasing, women have once again taken a back seat with regards to employment and jobs. In fact, Greece is one of the worst places in Europe for equality between the sexes, with women often being paid less when compared to their male counterparts as well as being treated exceptionally different.

14. Iceland


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Iceland still has that somewhat mysterious quality to it. With men outnumbering women by 1.7%, the lack of women in Iceland is becoming a serious problem, which has resulted in extreme methods being taken by the Icelandic government. So much so that rumors began to spread with regards to the men who were left to rot on the shelf and forever remain single. That’s right, with the government said to be offering foreigners money to marry their men, the going rate was said to be around $5,000, with the only condition being that they were to stay in Iceland. However, with the rumor said to be completely false, the Icelandic government issued a statement that it was indeed false, with the offer nothing but an amusing hoax.

13. Italy


Italian men are supposed to be the sexiest looking, but without a wife, as many women venture out of the country for their career because women are not in favor of donning the role of a wife or mother. In schools, women outnumber men and these men deny to adapt to the changes of their country.

12. Norway


Men have increasingly been outnumbering women in Norway having an extra 12,000 men than women, making it difficult to find a wife. They blame it on the increase of immigrants from different countries pouring in and taking the ratio to 70%.

11. The United Arab Emirates


Women population in 1901 was almost 22,000 compared to the overall 40,000 population in UAE. Now, it holds a massive 9 million inhabitants after the country had a changeover as a tourism destination. There are 247 men for every hundred women. So, lack of a wife is huge, leaving men with the single status.

10. Sweden

pc: youtube- Gone with the Wynns

In 2015 Sweden popular for its beautiful people had 277 more men than women, which is now accumulated to a massive 12,000. Sweden has serious housing problems for its citizens, hence, many women are moving out to different countries because of conflicts and instability in Afghanistan, Syria, and North Africa.

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9. China


China has 40 million more men than women, due to its gender partiality and selective-sex birth methods, which has left many men single without a wife.There are 115 baby boys born for 100 baby girls. With their search for male heirs, you will find many children are left on the street to die.

8. Iran


Iran is developing in speed with the adaption of a more westernized perspective. Many women are moving out, keeping aside marriage and children, leading to a lesser population of women for men to marry. This move has made men outnumber women in Iran.

7. USA


There are some states and cities in the USA like Las Vegas and San Francisco, where the ratio of men are higher than women, 103 men for every 100 women. Even states like Dallas and Texas has a 51.4% male population compared to women.

6. Qatar

Qatar, which once had the least population in the world, has suddenly tripled in quantity. 94% immigrants have taken over the workforce and most of them are men, bringing the ratio of women less. The government is reluctant to issue visas to women, except females from countries like Canada and the UK are given preferences.

5. Egypt


One of the most populated countries in the African continent, where men have outnumbered the women. The reason is their culture which bounds women to domestic values, instead, of education. Due to sexual harassment, violence and gender inequality, women have been leaving the country when an opportunity comes.

4. Afghanistan


Afghanistan was one of the most peaceful countries before the war-ravaged and changed its attitude towards women when the Taliban took control. Due to this many families fled the country to find a new home, leaving behind a majority of men to fight. This has caused a gender-imbalance in the country, with lack of women.

3. Philippines


One of the interesting countries, culturally and geographically, but the sad part is that the Philippines is prone to natural disasters as it is in the middle of the typhoon belt. There are 102 men to every 100 Filipinas. Due to lack of jobs, women are all traveling abroad to find work, increasing the men’s ratio.

2. Nigeria


This is a country where you will find equality, forced marriages extremely common along with child marriage, polygamy, and female genital mutilation. This has made many women flee the country, increasing the ratio of men, which has affected marriage and fertility patterns making it difficult to find a wife.

1. India


It has the biggest populations in the world, with a ratio of 1000 men for 940 females. This is all due to the ongoing violence against women and selective-gender birth methods. Overall, India has a massive 37 million more men than women.

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