15 Truths About Life We All Need to Remember

Life is complicated learn to accept the truths!


Truth hurts, but someone has to say it. Your life is what you make of it and the only person who can help you is yourself. If you’re ready to take personal responsibility and improve your life, I invite you to apply these 15 harsh truths today.

1.Everyone is fighting their own battle.


Judging or criticizing others is a waste of energy. Show understanding for their point of view, compassion for their situation, acceptance of who they are and above all, love.

2.Success does not bring happiness, happiness brings success.


Decide to be happy now, and everything you desire will become easier to obtain.

3.Enjoy the journey because the journey is all there is.


While it’s important to have dreams, the present moment is the only moment we can truly experience. So fully embrace and enjoy living today while you’re working towards your goals.

4.Your intention is what matters most.


A heartfelt note or flower is worth more than a million dollar gift given without any thought, love or best wishes.

5.You’re going to die and you have no idea when.


Stop pretending that you’re invincible. Acknowledge the fact of your own mortality, and then start structuring your life in a more meaningful way.

6.Everyone you love is going to die, and you don’t know when.


This truth may be saddening at first, but it also gives you permission to make amends with past difficulties and re-establish meaningful relationships with important figures in your life.

7.Donating money does less than donating time.


Giving your time is a way to change your perception and create a memory for yourself and others that will last forever.

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8.You can’t make everyone happy, and if you try, you’ll lose yourself.


Stop trying to please, and start respecting your values, principles, and autonomy.

9.Your achievements and successes won’t matter on your death bed.


When your time has come to transition from this reality, you won’t be thinking about that raise; you’ll be thinking about the relationships you’ve made–so start acting accordingly.

Nobody cares how difficult your life is, and you are the author of your life’s story.
Stop looking for people to give you sympathy and start creating the life story you want to read.

10.Your words are more important than your thoughts, so start inspiring people.


Words have the power to oppress, hurt, and shame, but they also have the power to liberate and inspire–start using them more wisely.

11.It’s not what happens, it’s how you react that matters.


Train yourself to respond in a way that leads to better outcomes.

12.No One Is Going to Fix You


If you are waiting for a knight in shining armor to gallop into your life and heal your broken heart, you will be waiting forever. The only person who can help you is yourself. Be happy for the other people in your life, but do not become dependent on them for happiness

13.Life Will Never Be Perfect


If you are waiting for the “right” time to do something — pursue self-employment, begin a fitness plan, dive into the dating pool, or move to a new town — you’re going to be waiting forever. There is no such thing as a “right” time to do anything. This reaction is based on your fear-of-change, plain and simple. If you keep waiting for that mysterious “perfect time to act” (please tell me, when have you ever experienced such a thing?)

14.The Past Is Already Written


Have you ever made a mistake so monumental that you wish you could go back in time and do it all over again? Join the club. It’s called being human. I know you might feel immense regret, but beating yourself up over something that is already done serves no purpose. Shift your attention to the present, where you can take control of your life and move forward into a better future.

15. Promises are made to be broken


How  can you trust someone’s promise if that someone is not even sure about what will happen in next. Life is unpredictable so never promise to someone and never trust someone’s promise

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