9 Honest Phases of a Man Falling out of Love

Once relationships move past the honeymoon phase, they enter the tumultuous world of reality. Dynamics of the relationship start changing, and before you know it, something about him just starts feeling shady. Maybe he seems more distant or less affectionate, but there’s something about him that just doesn’t add up.

How can you tell if he’s just getting comfortable around you, or falling out of love? There are a certain set of phases that men go through when they start falling out of love with someone. Here are some things that are bound to happen if your relationship is in the red.

9. He does not make as much time

A huge driving force behind the success of any relationship is the amount of quality time spent together. If your significant other is running away from spending time with you, it is definitely a bad sign. If your man is backing off from spending time with you or pulling away, you might as well throw in the towel. Think about it, when you love someone all that you want to do is spend more time with them. If they want to do less of that, it is definitely time to consult them.

8. He does not ans your call

When you truly love someone, you can’t wait for them to reach out to you. Chances are, when your relationship started out, they would take no time in texting you back and forth and would pick your calls up on the first try. If he suddenly stops showing an interest in talking to you, without even taking a minute to explain why chances are he doesn’t like where things are heading with you two and is trying to weasel his way out of the commitment by showing lack of interest.

7. He forgets plans you made

Was he always the forgetful sort, or does he only have trouble showing up to events as of late? If he never had trouble remembering the time and place of commitments in the past, then this new behavior could be the sign of trouble brewing. Someone who cares about their partner would never keep them waiting, or leave them hanging. Whether it has been a day, a week, or a year, if he really loves you then he would make a special effort to remember all the plans he made with you and let you know if he can’t make it. We mean, how hard could it really be to tap in the details of your commitments in the calendar on his phone?

6. He complaints about lack of personal space

Every time he feels any lesser loved, his fallback accusation would be one of not getting enough space. Everyone needs a little me time every now and then to help them recoup and regroup. Whether it is through being workaholic to recharge your dying cells or some other form of spa-like relaxation, men crave it all from time to time. And as much as giving personal space seems warranted, there exists the notion that until and unless you’re clinging all the time, it is very unlikely that the personal space is the key issue at hand here. Often men who begin to believe that they are not in fact to be together any more with their significant other, begin to prepare themselves for the transition to their old single selves again by asking for more time and space alone as this can lead to an eventual split that minimizes emotional or regretful whiplashes. So if he is asking for more space, he just might be falling out of love with you.

5. He suddenly has an excuse

When people stop caring about someone, they suddenly have a lot of excuses. If he is not as invested in the relationship as he was when you two started out, the chances are that he will come ready to fight your barrage of questions with well thought of excuses. From not being able to meet you regularly, to not responding to your texts, he will have an excuse for everything. If he is justifying his behaviour rather than correcting it, you should stop pretending that your relationship is going as smoothly as you would like to believe.

4. Making lots of new friends

So he doesn’t seem like himself of late. While he displays bipolar tendencies, blame balances precariously between your lack of love and your excess of it. To top his erratic behavior off, you begin to notice that he’s talking to more and more people as the days go by. He spends his days with people you have never heard of and can be seen making new friends left, right and center, expanding his social circle like never before. If all of this holds to be true, it would serve your best interests to beware of his new ‘friends’. While it is normal for anyone to make new friends, if he is suddenly swamped with an incredible amount of attention from all around, it can be a hard pill to swallow. If your man is suddenly Mr.Popular, chances are he has already made a move in getting a new girlfriend.

3. He is confused about your relationship

There is no lie in the fact that relationships are hard to maintain and your partner is not always the easiest person to deal with. However, what makes a relationship strong is knowing exactly where you stand. When you begin a relationship, you start off as acquaintances, and then your relationship evolves into friendship, finally moving into the butterflies in your tummy stage until you’re in a committed relationship. If he is suddenly acting like he doesn’t know where this relationship is heading, the chances are that he is undecided about his place in your life. It is normal to be confused and hit a few speed bumps in your dating life, but if they make him question the entire relationship, it probably means that he already has one foot out of the relationship.

2. He is not actually present

Have you ever spend time with someone but never really managed to engage in any sort of meaningful conversation, the entire length of the time that you were with them? If that is what your relationship looks like right now, there is a severe shortage of good news for you. If he starts tapping away on his phone all the time and you end up feeling bored or lonely, or he doesn’t initiate conversation, things might have taken a turn for the worse.

1. He does not try

When things started out, he couldn’t do enough for you. He was the perfect man and probably took it a little too far by bending over backwards to please you. While his efforts probably made you uncomfortable at first, you also felt undeniably flattered by the fact that he was as taken by you as you were with him. Now he is gone and in his place is a guy who gives you the bare minimum and focusses on his wants rather than what the relationship requires of him. While it is normal for a couple to set into roles, if the amount of attention he gives you has drastically changed, he might be looking to break away from you.

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