90s Best Indian TV Series Which Cannot Be Forgotten by Indians

If you’re from 90s then you will remember these television shows. 90s was an era when television shows gathered to the whole family unlike today’s Television shows which we can’t even watch with our family.  Let us take you on a ride to the 90s best indian TV series, when Indian television was at its best. get ready to feel a nostalgia!

90s Best Indian TV series

Listed below are 90s Best Indian TV series which Indians will never forget. Time to take a deep breath and let us travel you to the past. This tweentyfive 90s best Indian TV Series will make you feel nostalgia and i bet it.

1. Aaryamaan

Aryamaan – The Warrior of the Universe was an Indian superhero space opera TV series that aired on DD National. It held the record of the most expensive Indian television drama ever for a short period. One of our favorite TV series we have ever watched in childhood days. 

2. Fauji

This is a drama series about commandos joining the army training school. Their life, their pranks and their punishments are show-cased through various characters of the serial.

3. Chitrahaar

A back-to-back telecast of the latest and hit songs from Bollywood. We used to watched this program and yes we loved it.

4. Alif Laila

The legacy of the Arabian Nights told in the form of exciting, enthralling stories, packed with great morals, amazing characters, accompanied by flying carpets, magic lamps, fairies and more. One of the best TV series we have ever watched.

5. Circus

Circus is an 1989 Indian television series directed by Aziz Mirza & Kundan Shah, set in a circus troupe and starring popular Hindi film actor of today, Shahrukh Khan when he was a newcomer. At that time most of the people did not know that one day this guy will become legend.

6. Tarang

We have loveliest memories of Tarang. It was the best show for us. Teaching paper crafts were the best part of this show.

7. Hip Hip Hurray

The lives of 12th grade students at the DeNobili High School experience their adventures, fears, hopes, relationships and interactions with each other as they enter adulthood. 

8. Raja aur Rancho

Based on a detective Raja and his companion monkey Rancho. It was fun watching them  Together to  unravel the truth and solve the most difficult cases.

9. Mahabharat

The story is about the Kauravas and the Pandavas and the battle fought between them. We loved it and we never missed it.

10. Junior G

The orphan boy Gaurav Ray obtains supernatural powers when he accidently stumbles into a crash between two asteroids. He uses his power to take on the evil wizard Fyumancho. After Shaktimaan, Junior G was the 2nd best TV Series for every Indian.


11. Hum Paanch

Anand Mathur, a middle-class businessman living in Bombay, gets no end of trouble from his five wild and troublesome daughters. One of the best shows to watch with a family. 

12. Sraag The Clue

Inspector Bharat who is blessed with a sixth sense, teams up with assistant Inspector Srivastav in solving some of the most gruesome crime and murder mysteries.

13. Captain Vyom

Captain Vyom is an Indian live-action superhero science fiction television series aired on DD National in 1998.  After Shaktimaan and Junior G this guy took our heart.

14. Jai Hanuman

One of the best television series. Jai Hanuman is a 1997 Indian Hindu TV series based on the life of the monkey-god Hanuman in Hindi language.

15. Shaktimaan

A legendary TV series Shaktimaan is the “Indian Super Hero” who has been an icon for kids in India. One of the best Indian fictional super heroes we have ever seen. This guy was the reason we loved sundays. 

16. Ramayan

The Lord incarnated upon the earth nine times. The seventh was known as “Ram Avatar.” Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan is the story of the incarnation. It covers the entire story in detail up to Ram’s coronation.

17. Shriman Shrimati

Keshav and Dilruba are neighbours who covet each other’s wives more than their own. Hilarity ensues when they try their level best to flirt with and get closer to each other’s wives. ( similar to bhabhi ji ghar per han? TV serial)

18. Tu Tu Main Main

A hilarious comedy featuring a dominant mother-in-law and her equally boisterous daughter-in-law. A best program to watch with a family.

19. Chandrakanta

Chandrakanta is an Indian fantasy television series partly based on Devaki Nandan Khatri’s novel of the same name.

20. Just Mohabbat

Tune into the biggest romantic hits of all time. Just Mohabbat was a Hindi television drama-series that first aired on Sony TV channel in 1996.

21. Malgudi Days

Follow the lives of simple people living in the small town of Malgudi, which are filled with small adventures, trials and tribulations.

22. Rangoli

This was a great show telecasted every Sunday at 8:00AM on DD National. These two Chitrahaar and rangoli took place in our heart.

23. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Dekh Bhai Dekh was a Hindi sitcom which premiered on Doordarshan’s metro channel, on 6 May 1993. Best to watch with a family and friends.


90s Best Indian TV series

Thankyou so much for reading this article 90s Best Indian TV series. If we have missed any program kindly tell us through a comment. 

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