If You’re A 90s Indian Kid, Then These Article Will Make You Cry To Death

These 90s  things will surely make you cry to death if you are from India and you are a 90s Indian kid. In this new era we have totally forgotten  that who we used to be. Through this article, i want you to forget everything for mins and just try relive your childhood again as a 90s Indian Kid.


I’m glad that i’m from 90s but sad too that i can never go back to my old times. I just wanna relive my life that’s why sharing this article with you guys. If you’re from 90s then must share this with your friends.

1. Old Switch Box

This old switch has a special place in heart for those who lived in government quarters . Now you will never find this switch box. I remember when i was a kid we moved to new town and we had to live in quarter as my dad is a government servant and ta-da there was many switches like this at that quarter. I know this switch looks ugly and dirty but to be honest it was the best switch box we ever had.

2. Forget The Name :p

I do not remember the exact name of this game but i used to play  on my childhood days. It used to be a very fun game specially at evening time after school.

3. Cassette Tapes

This one was my favorite stuff. Collecting cassette tapes was one of the coolest things which i will never forget.

4. Chirya Ud

We called it Chirya ud in Hindi. We loved to play this game at school or home with friends. I used to be very weak in this game. I still remember how i became fool and raised my finger whenever someone said hathi Ud.

5. G.I. Joes

G.I. Joe The coolest Toy of childhood. It was Rs. 99 only  at my hometown and of course who would forget about cool stuff like guns, bombs, etc along with G.I. Joe.

6. Playing with Cycle Tires

I’m sure Every Indian did this in childhood. It was too much fun playing with cycle tire or any tire big or small in size.

7. Marbles

Marbles, I was like the king. we loved to play marbles at colony with friends and the best part was to collect on bottles.

8. This freaking toy

One of the Coolest Toy which every kids from 90s played this.

9.  Shaktimaan

 Sunday was always awesome just because of this. Our one and only Shaktimaan.

10. Video Game

Now we have computers and high end games but still this was one of the favorite things we ever had.

11.  Video Game Cassettes 

Our Treasure. Do you guys remember this 999999999999999 in 1 ?

12. Raj Comics

Raj Comics were always fun to read. These Indian super heroes were our favorite.

13. Champak and Tinkles

This guy named Chiku was the cleverest rabbit ever. Champak and Tinkle this two were best to read after Raj comics.

14. Toy Gun

 This toy gun was popular and every Indian from 90s  had it once in their life.  

15. Magazine Pistols

Having this gun was the coolest thing we ever did specially with that Laser beam

16. Son Pari

Who would like to forget this hit show Son pari and the cute smile of Fruti.

17. Old Family Camera

 I bet that this was the only  Family Camera of 90s.

18. Legendary Stuffs

These things will never be forgotten by any indian.

19. Most Memorable Thing

whenever we visit somewhere like playground or children park we always found this broken

20. Hardest Toy ever :p

Admit it, it was really hard to play with this stuff at first. 

21. Paper Boats

Paper Boats were the first thing we learned to made it from paper.

22. This Freaking Toy

Coolest toy ever we had. People from these days will never understand.


23. Lamps

Just Speechless :p

24. Sanju’s Magic Pencil

I know everyone wanted this magic pencil once in their life.

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25. Old Cartoon Network

Old Times modern cartoons 

26. Cricket

Cricket was one of the best games to play with friends or sometimes to play with strangers. i remember how we used to bet in cricket.

27. Legendary Cokes

These cold drinks were the best cold drinks ever to drink during the summer and yeah you will never find this now.

28. Best Game ever :’)

I do not know the name but yeah it was good game to play with both girls and boys.

29. Bullets 

Bullets of toy gun. Durga Pooja Special :p 

30. Rumal Chor 

I guess the name of this game is Rumal Chor. every indian played this game during school hours or at playground with friends once in their life

31. Paper Game

when you are in school and teacher was not at classroom then only thing was to play this awesome game.

32. School Craft 

Our only craft for craft day. We used to give this craft to school at craft day.

33. Seven Stones

Seven stones was the only game where we used to wear sandals in our hands to protect ourselves from getting hit.

34. Motor

Everyone was once an Engineer :p

35. Legendary Pen

 This pen was once popular and found everywhere. 

36. Mango Byte

 After Orange Meethai This meethai was the 2nd favorite of all indians 

37.  Key 

If you remember this you were the legend :p

38. Rol.a.Cola

I still remember it was only 5 Rs (at that time Rs. 5 was very high amount). 90s  kids will never forget this 

39. Old Black School Shoes

Our School shoes were like these 🙂 

40. Covering Note Books

Covering our books or note books were something we liked the most specially when our school was about to start after a long vacation.

41. Dalda :p

This dalda used to be the healthiest thing to eat with rice. Specially morning breakfast 🙂

42.  Geometry Box

who would like to forget the feeling of getting new Geometry  box 🙂

43. RIP  :p

Haha bad habit of chewing the top of a pen was everyone’s favorite.

44. Laser Light

Laser light was once the favorite advance gadget for every 90s kid.

45. Ice Cream Wala

Every 90s Indian Kid will never forget the sound of an ice cream wala.  

46. Yamaha Bike

This bike was the coolest bike ever our dad had once.

47. Guess what? :p

If you know the relationship between these then you were the legend :p (ps- If you are a 90s Indian Kid then you will understand it)

48. Walk Man

People from 90s never had smartphones but had this Walkman once. People who had this gadget called to be the coolest people.

49. Brick Game

We never had a coolest game console but this was used to be our favorite once.


50. Ink

If You are 90s Indian kid, You will never forget this 🙂

90s Indian Kid

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