7 Signs That The Relationship That You’re In Is The Best Relationship Ever

If you are going to ask the most successful couples about the secrets to making a relationship last, they are probably going to come up with a variety of different answers with some very common key principles. They are most likely to tell you that successful relationships are really built on open and honest communication, patience, gratitude, understanding, empathy, and commitment.

Love is something that gives you excitement and pain too. Loving a wrong person gives you agony but right one always treats you well. Some people say that there is no true love it is just a physical attraction but for me, Pure love is unconditional. Loving that person despite their flaws, despite changing them, and despite their habits, is the closest definition of pure love. I do think it exist. There are so many successful couples out there who are living together so we cannot just say there is no true love.

All relationships are unique and each one of us can have different experiences that are just as meaningful and as fulfilling as the other. You should pursue your own brand o happiness and fulfillment in your relationships. But of course, there are certain common themes that can be found in the best kinds of relationships that you can consider emulating. Here are some common signs that the relationship that you’re in is indeed the best one ever.

1. Your girlfriend/boyfriend allows you to freely express yourself whenever you want.


You are never made to feel like you have to censor or suppress yourself in your relationship. Your partner always offers you a space and a platform to express yourself whenever you want. 

2. Your partner respects whatever boundaries that you set.


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Despite the fact that you’re in a relationship, your partner still respects your individuality and your sense of self. They would never make you feel like you would have to compromise who you are just for the relationship.

3. You are deeply content with the state of your relationship.


You like the way that things are. You aren’t necessarily waiting for a significant change. You aren’t anticipating a major spark. You like how things are flowing and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. You make decisions as a couple.


Your partner never excludes you from making important decisions. Your thoughts and your opinions are always valued and they are never belittled. Your partner always makes sure that you feel included and appreciated. 

5. You both give equal efforts in the relationship.


There are no imbalances in your relationship whatsoever. There is a smooth synergy there that could really serve as the foundation for great things in the relationship. You both love one another very much and you act on your love in equal parts. 

6. You have a mutual trust for one another.


You both trust one another as mature individuals. You feel completely fine with being vulnerable with one another because you trust that one would never betray the other. 

7. You don’t feel like there is a shortage in your levels of intimacy.  


You have no problems with being intimate with one another whether it be emotionally or physically. You are always building on the connection that you have as a couple. 

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