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  • 8 Pornstars Who Look Gorgeous Even Without Makeup!

    Advertisement: Affordable and Fast STD Testing. Test Now! Every time we look at the pornstars, we got fantasized by their glamorous attributes. They seem like the stunning beauties that can wipe the floor with almost all the Bollywood and Hollywood beauties. However, the beauty of most of the adult stars, is removable. Yes! You have heard […] More

  • 10 Times People Caught Having Sex In Public

    Advertisement: Affordable and Fast STD Testing. Test Now! Public sex can be an exciting way for couples to spice up their love life. However, there’s always the risk of someone catching you in the act and posting your intercourse on the Internet. I guess if you can’t stand the heat, don’t bang in Taco Bell […] More

  • 10 Silly Mistakes You Should Never Do While Kissing Your Partner.

    Advertisement: Affordable and Fast STD Testing. Test Now! Do you remember doing silly mistakes while kissing your partner? Well, your partner is never gonna tell you but you should be careful. An awkward kiss or mistakes can blow anyone’s mind. Some people use too much tongue and your partner may or may not like it. […] More

  • 8 photos that show brilliantly how life changes after marriage

    It seems that once you’ve said those two magic words, ’I do’, you’re life changes forever in the most interesting ways. We think the following photos show brilliantly some of the most common things that can happen. And we’re sure you will recognize yourselves in at least a few of them! 1. The refrigerator 2. After work 3. Sleeping 4. Going food shopping […] More

  • You Cannot Deny these 11 Ironic But Honest Comic Strips About Exes

    Everyone has had a bad relationship that can pop up in memories and dreams from time to time. Sometimes we even forget about these relationships and then we suddenly bump into our exes. And of course, when you meet your ex, it’s practically a rule that you must look as bad as you possibly can: old and unflattering clothes, no makeup, messy hair, and so on. This is Murphy’s […] More

  • This Cosplayer Can Turn Himself Into Any Disney Character

    We mostly see female Disney cosplay, so one guy decided to give more attention to our beloved male characters. Cosplayer Jonathan Stryker has thrown a ‘Disney week’ for his fans on social media, attempting to bring to life the fellows we have enjoyed on the screen. And boy did he succeeded. Stryker has been cosplaying for […] More

  • People Who Exactly Look Alike Cartoon Characters in Real Life

    When your favorite Cartoon characters from the virtual world appear in the real world, excitement ensues. It’s just like being at Disneyland or  cartoon world and seeing your favorite character walking around the park. Here are some photos of people who look exactly like Disney cartoon characters! 1. Elsa from Frozen 2. Woody from Toy Story 3. […] More

  • Husband Admits to Sleeping With Wife’s Sister

    One of the ugliest things in the world has to be messy break up and divorce. No one gets married with the idea of divorce in their mind but along the way, things and life happen. People who were in love with each other grow apart and end up leaving each other for good. It […] More

  • Scientist Had Revealed What The Shape Of Your Lips Tell About You!

    Scientists and physiognomists believe that Lips plays a major role in determining someone’s personality. We talk and express our feelings and thoughts verbally which tells about your personality too. So we at No One Cares will tell you about the shapes of your lips and how they reflect your personality traits. #1. Large Puffy Lips […] More

  • 5 Short Horror Stories That Will Terrify You In Just 2 Sentences

    Scroll down to get spooked, just make sure you have every light in the house on first. You’ll thank us later. i bet that These five short stories will terrify you in just 2 sentences.  1. I kill my Neighbor’s dog yestarday 2. Seen 3. 10% chances of surviving a fall over 7 stories 4. […] More

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