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  • Your Face Shape Can Explain Everything About Your Personality !

    “Your face shape tends to reveal your basic personality and your overall approach to life,” says Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face. There are a whole lot of different shapes of faces out there.Knowing your face shape can be helpful when you’re doing things like trying on hats or picking […] More

  • 15 Truths About Life We All Need to Remember

    Truth hurts, but someone has to say it. Your life is what you make of it and the only person who can help you is yourself. If you’re ready to take personal responsibility and improve your life, I invite you to apply these 15 harsh truths today. 1.Everyone is fighting their own battle. Judging or […] More

  • You’ll Laugh Your Ass Off At This Mom’s Drawings About What It’s Like To Have Kids

    French illustrator and author Nathalie Jomard knows motherhood can be hard AF. (We know, it’s also rewarding AF, too!) But, we can’t stop laughing at her hilariously honest drawings that depict motherhood at it’s best – or worst – depending on how you look at it.  1.When your pregnancy boobs won’t stop growing. Facebook: Nathalie 2.When you’re […] More

  • 6 challenges of being an adult

      As you move through the stages of your life, you will invariably learn that things aren’t always as they are cracked up to be. As amazing as life can be, there are also harsh truths that you tend not to acknowledge until they are staring you in the face. Consider yourself warned about these […] More