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  • Ever Wonder What Would Movies Look Like Without Special Effects?

    Advertisement: Affordable and Fast STD Testing. Test Now! As moviemaking technologies get more and more advanced, we see more and more fantastic worlds come to life on the big screen. You probably already know that many movies use visual effects to enhance (or sometimes ruin) our cinematic experience, but you probably didn’t realize just how often – and to what […] More

  • 15 Countries Where You Won’t Find A Wife Due To Lack Of Women

    The ratio of men and women has always fluctuated from the beginning of the universe. Women have always been leading due to their living longevity whereas, men were trailing behind due to deaths in battles and wars. In today’s world, this ratio has been imbalanced among the two sexes, as in many countries you will […] More

  • Do You Know How Much Money Porn Stars Really Make?

    Being a porn star isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, most of us can point to a few big names who have made it mainstream, but working in the industry isn’t quite as lucrative as movies like Boogie Nights would have you think. In fact, performer pay rates are now at an all-time low.  via GIPHY […] More

  • 15 Things you never knew about Game of Thrones

    Things you should know about Game of Thrones Facts that will blow your mind. These are the 15 things about Game of Thrones you should know if you are a big fan of Game of Thrones (GOT) #1 Game of Thrones : Targaryen Queen eats Horse Heart What was that actually made out of? The […] More

  • Top 10 Japanese Animated Movies of all Time (Studio Ghibli)

    If you are a fan of Japanese Animated Movies (Studio Ghibli) Founded by directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in Tokyo, then you are in right place. Listed below are the best Japanese Animated Movies which will make you sad or you may even cry. I have seen these movies and it really touched my heart. […] More