Check here what moles on your body indicate you about your love life

Moles on body that reveal about your relationship, marriage and spouse!

Just like hair, skin, and several marks on our body, Moles too exist for some reasons. And, these are somewhat related to your destiny! Based on their shapes and size, each mole has different indications related to our destiny, like love, relationship, marriage, character, family, career, etc. Although these are just theories and assumptions, people often tend to get carried away with the same.

1. Center of nose

People with a mole in this position tend to flirt with the opposite sex and with persons of the same sex. Control how you use your charm because you can get into trouble. This position reveals sexual problems, which may also impact your married life, so be careful. This is a very bad position for a mole and it is believed that it should be removed. Moles in this position bring a number of problems.

2. Mole above right eye

People who have a mole above the right eyelid, are believed to be great on bed. These individuals will never down-perform.

3. Mole on chest

People often observed that mole on this part of their body appeared much later after adolescence; which is a sign that your early years may not be as good, but consider a great love life after a period of time.

4. Mole on the ears

A mole anywhere on the ear represents good earnings and luxurious life. Expenditure will be uncontrollable. There may be danger of drowning. A mole at the backside of the ear represents a person who follows customs. He will get his wife from a higher family. A mole on either ear tells that the person has a reckless disposition. If you have a mole on the tip or top of your ear this indicates a high intelligence or astute mind.

5. Mole on chin

If you are a man with this mole, expect success and glory kissing your feet at every stop. For ladies, even though you will have tussles with your kids at regular intervals, your creativity, keen eye for detail and nomadic, adventurous streak will see you through the day. You will travel far and wide for staying in one place is not your bag.

6. Mole on inner thigh

People with mole on inner thigh are believed to be master of good love life. Their libido is unmatched.

7. Right Cheek

A small, but sharp and dark mole indicates that the person would get extensively rich after marriage.

8. Mole On The Eye

A mole on the right eye of a person is an indication that they would be truly and deeply loved by their spouse and when a mole is present on the left eye, it indicates consistent marital conflicts between the couple.

9. Moles under the eyebrow

Presence of mole in this part of the body, hints at difficulty in relationships and quarrels in your family; bringing discomfort and unhappiness.

10. Lower lip

You love romance and you tend to have multiple sexual partners. Bearing in mind that you are a moral person, these sexual affairs will cause remorse which will cause additional stress in your life.

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