Chester Bennington’s Wife’s Hacked Twitter Is Making Shocking Tweets About His Death

Right after the demise of Chester Bennington, twitter account of his wife was apparently hacked and many distasteful and offensive tweets were posted.

Although the tweets now have been deleted how could anyone find such things funny and not even think about the other person’s feeling and what they might have been going through already?

The tweets on Chester’s Wife’s handle, which is a verified account, claimed of her having an ongoing affair with Mike Shinoda, the band member of Linkin Park. And she was glad that her husband committed suicide.

The cruel and merciless tweets spoke about the death of her husband and also their marriage, later on making entitlements of cheating. Twitter users were quick to see that it was some hacker, requesting the social-media platform to review the account straight away. Although Talinda Bennington still has to make an official statement about all this and death of her husband.

Twitter users were offering their sympathies on the suspected hack in the following tweets:

It’s heartbreaking that such heartless people still exist in the world. They’re utterly disgusting and have no regard for what the family is going through at this time.

You can see the love Talinda had for her husband via her past tweets.


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