Never Marry A Guy Who Has These 12 Habits

Check These 12 habits first before marrying a guy!

Imagine yourself being married to a guy who does not respect you, who does not deserve great things in life. And he sees you just as his wife, and nothing more! Yes, your life will be a burning hell.

Take some time before you fall in love, decide first if the guy you are interested in is worthy of your time, love and life. Even if you have dated the guy, you know him well! Do go through these 10 habits, if he has most of them, then stay away from him.

1. Narrow-mindedness


A guy who does not trust you completely will always put restrictions on you no matter how loyal you or how much you love him. These conditions will always be there. He will stop you from doing normal things in life, in fear of something bad will happen. It can turn out to be a nightmare!

Any guy with such negativity has full potential to ruin your life. It is better to dump such a guy rather than regretting marrying him.

2. Hates Animals


Never marry a man who hates animal due to the fact who hate the animal He’s an animal himself. When You choose a man who hates animal than never ever marry that types of girls.

3.The Relationship Rules Mean Nothing To Him


Every relationship has some ground rules, and if the guy keeps on breaking them, it means he has no respect for you or this relationship. If that guy goes off the line again and again, then it indicates he is not worth your time and love.

4.Breaks Promises


If he keeps on breaking promises often, this means he is making a fool out of you. He does not care about what you think or say. If a commitment is broken once in a blue moon, then it can be forgiven. But if he is playing with you then he is not worth it!

5.Gives You Secondary Treatment


The partnership is focused on providing and achieving. If you’re the only person all your initiatives into the relationship when he’s doing nothing your daily life will be unhappy. There’s no reason behind producing this connection, finally, you’ll regret your option of getting married him.

6.Doesn’t Have Moments of Epiphany


If he consistently thinks that decision he took, every move he made, everything he said can never go wrong. He is Mr. Perfect in his view. Soon he will force you to change as well. A guy who thinks he is utterly right will never realize his mistakes.

You should see if this guy does not correct his mistakes for the sake of goodness then he is not worth it. His cocksure behavior will be harmful to you and your kids as well.

7.Excessive Excuses


Never marry a man who always gives you a Reasons. simply because that man who usually give the Explanations they say a lie.

8. Keeps The Fights Alive


Fights in the relationship are good at times but this man who does not respect the girls as well as in the fight they will use poor language than Never ever marry a man who seems like this.

9.Kills the Conversations


He’s an excellent talker and it’s wonderful. However, when you’re saying something he slashes you among and starts his story. It’s a method of saying ‘I don’t care about your own feeling or everything you are saying.’



Some lies are told for good and are justifiable, but lies that affect your relationship needs to be confronted. The link is made with trust and believing each other.

If he breaks the code of understanding in the relationship, he will damage the relationship like termite damages wood over time.

11.Hates Family


Our parents can get on our nerves sometimes, but it does not mean to cut your parents off from your life. The family is where we were born and raised, and we cannot forget our family. Remember a man who has forgotten his parents can quickly forget you in a day or two. If he hates his parents, then he will not be able to behave around your family. He will not be a family man.



Love know nothing about violence, no matter if it is physical or emotional. Run far away from a guy who is abusive and violent! Remember that getting into a relationship with a man who cannot control his anger, will be the biggest mistake of your life.

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