Moles meaning on these 8 areas on your body indicate wealth and richness

If you have mole on one of these parts then you are lucky!

Almost every born human has either markings or moles on his/her body that serves as a sign of unique identification. Ancient sages studied these moles on the body, and came to conclusion that these marks were associated with an individual’s personality and their future.

1. Right Cheek

A small, but sharp and dark mole indicates that the person would get extensively rich after marriage.

2. Above lips

Those who are born with a mole just above their lips are tending to enjoy wealth much earlier than the rest of their peers. They are bit stubborn, and that is the reason why they run to success is fast and hurdle-less.

3. Nose

If the mole is right on the nose, or even slightly on sides (where cheek blends in), then it means that the person is surely going to be rich, but would just have to wait for his/her turn. he or she will travel the world, but it will start in their early 30’s and not before. They will taste success, wealth and travel (most probably after their marriage.)

4. Waist

If you are lucky, then you might just have a mole on either side of the waist, indicating wealth and prosperity. However, it also indicates that you might remain unsatisfied for the major part of your life.

5. Third eye

If you have a mole, right in the centre of the Third Eye area, then it means you will have a well-settled life and would enjoy various traveling pursuits. You would always have more than enough wealth around you.

6. Right Palm

If you have a mole anywhere in your right palm, then it points toward a really wealthy and successful life. If the mole is on the upper half of the palm then you will taste wealth and success, very early in your life. And, if the mole is in the lower half of the palm, then it means you might have to work hard and struggle to get your due success and wealth, but you will get it for sure.

7. Chest

Presence of mole on the right side of chest indicates that the person would have a peaceful life and would enjoy great wealth.

8. Ear

If a mole is present anywhere in the area where Ear and Cheeks meet, especially on the right side of the face, then it is a sign that the person is bound to get rich at a very early age.

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