10 Mysterious Secrets About Women Every Man Should Know

Most men complain that they don’t understand women. It’s nothing unusual. Women have always been a mystery. Even the scientists tried to decode why women are so different to men. But today we are not going to go so deep. We hope that these simple tips will help you to understand women a little bit better.

1. True sometimes


2. Another epic truth!


3. Their body language speaks a-lot


Women can lie and fake out on your face but if you know how to study a women’s body language you may get the answer to lots of question without even asking.

4. Understanding


5. Math according to womem


6. Woman’s bathroom.


A woman’s bathroom is nothing less than a small beauty parlor. They have so many varieties of soaps, face wash, shampoo and conditioner that they can supply to their nearby stores. One can find their mascaras to nail paint in woman’s bathroom.

7.  That’s just hilarious!


8. You can’t win any argument though you are right


9. Code-words war!


10. Mood Swings


If you think that only pregnant women have this mood swings symptoms then you are totally wrong. Do you know that scientist have discovered that every second woman changes their mind?
Forex: Girl goes to the mall to buy a bag and ends up buying clothes or any other accessories. They just dropped the plan of buying a bag at last moment. This is a part of mood swings.

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