Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to These Little Details

A person’s hands can tell something about what they’re like in love. They won’t lie and will give more truthful information than their owner. Palmistry is an early practice of telling one’s future through the study of palm. It is now practiced and known worldwide. You can do this! Just place your palms together. Look at the way the love line lines up and find out what this means. Enjoy!

The Love Lines on Both Hands are at the Same Level

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 These individuals are the “serious type” when it comes to love. They prefer to be in long-term and stable relationships. If they feel strongly about someone, they are very much prepared to fight for them. They are not afraid of the dedication, time, and energy a real relationship will take. They are a sensible person with a soft character, and they care about the opinions of others.

The Left-Hand Line is Lower than the Right-Hand

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This person prefers an older partner and is wise beyond their years. The owner of these lines is good in love, romantic, and independent from social rules. They often listen to their sixth sense, which is rarely mistaken. They choose to live life by their own set of rules without the influence of the modern trends of the society where they belong. Moreover, they possess a sixth sense that is seldom wrong and is highly perceptive. They are usually drawn to older friends and partners as they manage at a more mature level.

The left-hand line is higher

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These individuals are completely content to be their own. They do not believe that love is a necessary factor for them to be happy. Though it may take longer, they are willing to wait to find the right person. They don’t prefer rushing into a relationship only to avoid being single. This person doesn’t rush to have a serious relationship and neither do they consider love their reason for happiness. But when they finally decide to choose someone for life, that will be a person younger than themselves or of a different nationality. They love with their eyes and are self-confident. This is a purposeful and independent person who easily overcomes hardships.

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