5 Adorable “Relationship Goals” For EVERY Girl Illustrated!

Love is a beautiful feeling, and there’s no other feeling that is better than love! There really is no better way to express what love really means than through art. An artist named Cutris Wiklund illustrated some really beautiful things about being in love and the result is purely amazing! Only the person we love can make us feel butterflies in our stomach, and these sketches have the same effect on us because after looking at them, we just miss our other half… <3

1. Every girl wants to be looked at like that, by the guy she loves, even when she looks weird!

Curtis Wiklund on Instagram

2. What else can a girl ask for? A good novel and her soulmate by her side…

Curtis Wiklund Instagram

3. Aww! Cuddling every night! That would just be PERFECT! <3

Curtis Wiklund Instagram

4. Being together in every situation, no matter what! That’s true love… 🙂

Curtis Wiklund Instagram

5. Celebrating Valentine’s Day even when you grow older and have kids! That’s SO romantic…

Curtis Wiklund Instagram

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