If You Stay Away From Sex Then You May Face These 5 Diseases!

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Not having sex – Friends, sexual intercourse is something that is beneficial for the health of every living organism present in the world. But we don’t talk about other creatures. we are still discussing only human race, for those mating is good for live stay healthy.

if you ignore sex, you may be impotent. or it can be a risk of bad injurious health. might be you heard about the sex which is how it could be useful or beneficial for our health. So let’s read about important things that are related to sex, by if you do not have sex

1. Stress


Based on research of the journal biological psychology, those people who keep himself away from the sex, while he stands to speak others or discuss to handling a stressful atmosphere, so he doesn’t want to reach the tension or stress. just because of sex is the neglecting of endorphin hormones i.e. that is work for to control stress.

2. Depression


Depression is a very most dangerous thing that will cause men or women to be depressed. based on the research of published in the journal of aqua sequential behavior, melatonin, serotonin, and oxytocin are present in men’s semen or semen, that is most useful in making moods for women.

3. Erectile dysfunction


Based on the research of American journal of medicine, the people who interact with the person twice in a week they do not suffer from the erectile dysfunction as well as a person did not have sex. if sex will do regularly so the penile muscles get stronger.

4. low immunity


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At least one or twice times in a week, sex will resistant to the bad diseases. from this, it increases the IGA levels those who do not have sex.

5. Vaginal cancer


once or twice in a week by sexual intercourse can be most issues on a vagina route. in which east infection, bacterial infection, etc. it could harm the vagina. and chances of the having vaginal cancer also increases.

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