5 Sex Myths You Need To Bust About Female Sexuality To Avoid Being An Ignorant Fool

Are you always intrigued by how female sexuality works? Well, there is a dire need to be a lot more curious than you usually are in accordance to a bunch of myths floating about, about female sexuality. Our job here is to ease your burden about some lesser known facts that leave you confused and bust stereotypes that often lead to misconceptions.

Since scientific research about the same is mostly dominated by men, it’s not coincidence that we know more about the penis than the clitoris. It’s generally poor anatomical knowledge about certain womanly things both men and women know less about. So here we are, telling you about five lesser known sex facts that’ll enlighten you and maybe make you the Adonis you need to be, in bed! You’re welcome!

1. Woman Want & Think About Sex As Much As Men Do


Women love having sex as much as men do. The fact that men want sex all the time and as often as every seven second is a stereotype and not a proven fact at all. According to research women usually wish to have sex three times a week! So, next time you think women are prude, think again!

2. Penis Size Doesn’t Really Matter


Seriously men, you need to calm your balls. A 2015 video on, a website based on viral video content, showed women disagreeing with the size factor. Women don’t really care about the size. It’s actually about how you use it than how big it is. So if you have the technique figured out, size really doesn’t matter. It is the men who more worried about size than women are. Trust us; there are certain positions in bed for lesser endowed men and if you perfect them, you can really make her see the gates of heaven…several times!

3. Period Sex Is No Longer Taboo Or Gross


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We’ll have you know that women on their period have heightened sexual arousal because the body is prepping for reproduction so it’s much natural. It’s healthy too and NO you cannot get preggers during period sex. In fact it’s great for men too (the ones who don’t freak out at the sight of blood) because it brings about apt natural lubrication. So the next time she asks for some ‘down’ time (with you), go for it!

4. Yes, Women Masturbate Regularly


Masturbation is not just for men. Yes, it’s talked about very contextually where men are concerned but women masturbate too and enjoy it. Clitoral stimulation is very healthy and pleasurable and women who deny it are actually lying! All women, okay not all perhaps, but most women masturbate and love doing so.

5. It’s Not Easy To Get Pregnant


Yes, it’s okay to be worried if you have unprotected sex (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway!) but pregnancy is very complicated and it’s not that simple to get pregnant. For instance, women can’t get pregnant if you haven’t ejaculated completely inside her. Even then, the sperm has to attach itself to the egg for her to get pregnant. Some women have a higher fertility rate and can get pregnant easily and for some it takes a lot of time. Infertility also impacts one in eight women.  So the next time you ejaculate on her stomach and the semen trickles down to her vag, she’s not pregnant! Chill!

If you have some absurd facts you’ve heard before yourself, then let’s hear them out down in the comments and bust that myth too!

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