Today’s Reality sad but true facts | These pictures will make your heart ache

These pictures will make you think twice

These pictures will make you think twice. Our world is changing day by day and everyone is busy is their lives. No one is here to make a change. These pictures will make you realize that what we are now and what we are doing to ourselves. Sad but true facts about today’s reality. 

1.  Time is running out when you fight all the time eventually you die of course, but it feels like the time is stopped when you are with someone you really love.

2. it means that right thing is needed at right place. books give knowledge about what is concrete but they cant hold the pillars.

3. Many people help someone just to show off only. Look at me doing something good. Do you love me? We do live in this era now.  If you do good, do it without bragging!

4. It shows love, care etc.. respect the differences and it will lead to happiness.

5. Married couple who think that things will be better if they get into divorce didn’t realize that there’s a life between them and the moment they let go of each other,that very life will be destroy and turn into pieces. or..

With the unity of friends, parents, people etc life goes to straight without any disturbance. When we live in unity and in love, new things come alive. 

6. What we are giving lesson to our future generation? what we teach them they will do exactly same or even stronger. Even a good people become evil just because of this evil world.

7.  In between our concrete jungles, green pastures can rebirth and grow as we need this to survive. The way storks used to bring babies from the forest to the parents in the villages in the past(legend), it’s now rescuing from the concrete jungle and bringing a sapling to the forest. The situation has changed that much.

8. Once upon a time there was greeneries on earth & all of this only history now.
I guess the person is watching documentary about the beauty of the past era. or it may be The difference between the real world and the social media world.

9. Love is not just for relationship, when you love humanity, help people, forgive easily, care for animals and most of all love God, you will be a very happy person. Your smile depends on your heart that how big it is. The more u love the more happier your life becomes.

10. This one is the saddest. Today’s kids have no clue how to play with toys. no imagination at all.  There is no problem with the technology, it’s inevitable. the problem is the early exposure with it. don’t blame technology just because they are taking over in our lives, blame the people who urges the kids to buy inexpensive gadgets instead of toys. Save childhood .It is parents duty

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11. Depends on limitation and what one use it for but its like a drug very addictive and seductive we can not live with out it at this day and age. These things are taking over just make sure they don’t steal all your time

12. We live in the world of artificial behavior. showing unwanted care for those who don’t need it and being ignorant to those who really are in search of care and love.  Human life has been cheapened to this level, Dolls are living way better lives than humans

13. It’s meaning is to make city greenery not polluted. Plant trees We’ve to change the world for our future generation. So, we should take the attempt. be united and just do it!

14. No doubt we are getting smarter day by day, we don’t read newspaper but love to read online portal, we don’t read novels but watch movie based on that book, we don’t write letter even love letters but we love to sms, text and emails.

15. Because of gadgets, we are less communicated with our friends surrounding us. all i can see is a bunch of friends using their gadgets most of the time, but they don’t have much of the time to communicate with each other. Phone should controlled by man but not man should controlled by phone 

16. It shows how naturalness of the humans loses when they go through today’s education which Produces same stereo type models. Be a well educated but never forget who you are. be yourself!

17. People getting married to wrong people and just compromising with someone they are not compatible with. It also indicates  about arrange marriage system in society. To get approved by the parents and relatives one has to sacrifice his/her love.

18. This day is not so far when we will all die because of what we do today spoiling our earth. Need to modify our living style without spoiling the atmosphere and make sure not use of plastic and grow more plants 🌱that’s what we can do and help ourselves 

19. what i understood was, the mother felt that being pregnant is like a punishment and she can’t wait to get rid of the baby, while the baby is counting days to meet her

20. Today’s world true love is value less and woman only wants money. she can earn their own bread or not is another perspective but she loves a man only when he has money. ( for  some women not for all but in these days it’s hard to get a woman who really wants to be with you even though you do not have  much to give. if you find a girl like her just keep her ) 

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